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Facilitated Electronic Online Board Service Proposal Evaluations …

GRC Consulting challenged the Status Quo of the Boards request to assist in the Board’s evaluation between two Legal Firm proposing services, by thinking differently, structuring with strategic alignment and providing a Facilitated online Structured Board Evaluation process, achieving simplicity to directly enhance the Boards performance and outcome.

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Facilitated Electronic Online Board Resolution Voting …

GRC Consulting challenged the Status Quo of the standard process of Board Voting, and envisaged, by thinking differently, how we could add value by achieving simplicity, to directly benefit the Board, its individual Directors and their Shareholder Block Vote allocations, Board Resolution Voting process, whilst automating their Board Resolution document generation.

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Risk Management Workshops …

GRC Consulting believes that Risk Management is something that all business people should be practicing everyday at various level across the organisation in managing the business and its activities.

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