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The Critical Questions for Governing Bodies to Answer are twofold:

1. How “good” is your Governing Body on the Performance Spectrum?

2. Has your Governing Body demonstrably improved its Performance each year?

GRC Consulting provides a world-class market-leading solution for Governing Bodies that are Performance Driven and Oriented – Independent Board Performance Reviews.

As all Governing Bodies are different, and to make a properly considered decision, one has to consider the Governing Bodies within an appropriate framework and determine within a myriad of factors to ensure it is adopting the correct approach to its Board Performance Review and, therefore, positioning the Governing Body appropriately for a Board Performance Review that adds the most value.

We reflect these two approaches available to the Governing Body graphically as follows:

Reality Check …

The foundation for Performance is that the Governing Body is on top of and has fully and appropriately implemented all of its Corporate Governance, such that it can leverage the Directors and its Governance Framework to drive long-term sustainable value.

This is a sensible check to put egos and aspirations aside and take a good hard reality check regarding the Governing Body’s competence and performance.

Not every Governing Body is a Top-Level Performer. This is not about downgrading the view of the Governing Body, its competence and its Performance. The issue is to ensure that we adopt the correct approach in applying the proper Board Performance Review focus, such that we maximise the outcome for the Governing Body to drive Continual Annual Performance.

No world-class team gets to its leadership position without hard work and repetitive focused training.

Board Performance Reviews are a mechanism for the Governing Body to achieve performance improvements.

GRC Consulting understands this implicitly and can help you select the correct approach and realise Governing Body Performance Improvements through our approach and world-class methodologies.

As we are constantly reminded, “one has to be able to walk before running,” and in the case of Board Performance Reviews, “its horses for courses” or, more succinctly, it is crucial to ensure that we understand the Board’s proper positioning and apply the correct Board Performance Review approach according.

Performance vs Conformance Assessments …

From our experience, Governing Bodies, whilst they have an opinion, are often unable to show or conclusively demonstrate, to the independent observer, whether they are best suited to adopt either a “Performance Oriented” or a “Conformance Oriented” approach to their Board Performance Reviews, or that they have arrived at their position through a structured framework of consideration – therefore factually support their approach.

Given the importance of this positioning to the Governing Body, GRC Consulting provides an online Service for any International Governing Body and its Directors to go through a structured framework of consideration to determine, based on appropriate considerations, that will support the Governing Body in adopting a Board Performance Review position, oriented to either a “Performance” or “Conformance” approach, and therefore maximising the Benefit to the Governing Body and its future improvements in Performance.

Our Assessment Framework addresses the following considerations:

Who is this for …

It is for any international Governing Body and its Directors, and we include within that any regular attending and advising governance professionals, such as the Secretary.

How Long will it take …

This is an electronic assessment, delivered directly to the Director for convenience and will be completed within a “mug of coffee” timeframe.

How do we complete it …

Whilst it is possible on a Phone, it is best completed through any browser (we prefer Chrome) and through an iPad, laptop or desktop. It is via a very secure and encrypted link.

How do we arrange this …

Please contact GRC Consulting through our Contact points on our website’s “Contact” page. We will need the full names and emails of all participating Governing Body “members” and a Key Point of Contact with their points of contact to discuss the details.

What will we receive …

The GRC Consulting Report is comprehensive and will reflect all of the above “considerations”:

  • Governing Body position, voting distribution/consensus, summaries and item results.
  • Director positions, summaries and item results.
  • Value-add Areas of improvement and other developmental Recommendations.

In short, we follow the same level of detail illustrated with our other electronic Services.

How will we use the Report Results …

The GRC Consulting Report will provide you with the Resulting Substantiation of the Governing Body “member’s” consensus as to the appropriate approach for the Governing Body to adopt as to a “Performance Oriented” or “Conformance Oriented” approach to its Board Performance Reviews, together with our advice and or value-adding information.

You will no longer be in “opinion” but Facts-based regarding your future approach to your Board Performance Reviews.

Simple to understand, Simple to implement, Simple to use.


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