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Board Corporate Governance Assessment
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

We have Challenged the Status Quo and Achieved Simplicity to directly benefit you.

We have thought differently, to solve one of the challenges facing KSA SAMA / CMA regulated Boards for long term benefit.

We are providing a Unique Tailor-made Solution that delivers a Board Corporate Governance Assessment DIRECTLY aligned to SAMA / CMA Regulations in beautiful simplicity.

Simple to understand, Simple to implement and Simple to use.

We are Boardroom Leadership Governance, Risk and Compliance Experts.

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To date, Boards have found that their valuable time spent on Board Assessments have been problematic:

  • generic and not specific to local regulatory requirements.
  • conducted by external assessors without any direct connection to local regulatory and cultural knowledge.
  • has not generated specific local regulatory actionable items for board prioritised development and processes.
  • failed to deliver Director compliance statements.
  • only real value is utilising onsite assessments, subject to facilitator skills, but is the most expensive option, whilst still not delivering the best value for money.

Our Board Corporate Governance Assessment for the SAMA / CMA Regulated Market places:

  • directly and specifically tied to the SAMA / CMA Regulatory requirements (mandated compliance).
  • modular program, phased over time, to fit your Boards’ Agenda.
  • generates directly aligned Corporate Governance specific actionable items.
  • provides individual Director regulatory compliance statements for signature / lodgment.
  • generates directly aligned Corporate Governance specific actionable items for the Board’s prioritised development and continual improvement processes.
  • delivers individual director specific regulatory compliance statements for signature / lodgment.
  • provides real value for money and savings, with a multi-tiered service option to meet your Board’s agenda over the year.

As Corporate Governance Experts within the region, we know of no other directly relevant service offering that delivers direct, one to one, actionable Corporate Governance intelligence for the board and its compliance with its mandatory KSA SAMA / CMA regulatory requirements.

Simple to understand, Simple to implement and Simple to use.

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KSA Board Assessment - Levels of Service Offering

Bronze Service

  1. Online board assessment.
  2. By Category Summary and by Category Graphs.
  3. Report of Top 10 + Bottom 10 assessment items.
  4. SAMA + CMA Governance Framework Assessment Compliance Map.

Silver Service

  1. Bronze Service +
  2. By Category Detailed Summary + Graphs.
  3. Each Sub-category Detailed Summary + Graph.
  4. Each Sub-category Detailed Voting Analysis + Graph.

Gold Service

  1. Silver Service +
  2. Board Narrative Open Questions Summary.
  3. Individual Director Governance Compliance Statements for Director Signature / Records.

Platinum Service

  1. Gold Service +
  2. Onsite visit by Senior Partner level Governance professional
  3. 1 on 1 Director Interviews, detailed discussion and analysis.
  4. Comprehensive Board Corporate Governance Report and Action Plan.
  5. Board Presentation.

Diamond Service

  1. Platinum Service + 
  2. Full Audit / Review of the defined Governance Framework with Reporting, Action Plan and Board Presentation.

KSA Board Corporate Governance Assessment

Service Brochure

For your full understanding of our KSA Board Corporate Governance Assessment Service Offering, please access the following Service Brochure download.

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