KSA – CMA – E-Transactions Committee Regulations – 8-6-2016


Corporate Governance

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Capital Markets Authority

If you wish to better understand the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Capital Markets Authority Corporate Governance Frameworks, specifically the E-Transactions Committee Regulations – 8-62016, then please access the following download.


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Capital Markets Authority

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Capital Markets Authority – E-Transactions Committee Regulations – 8-6-2016. Covering:

Article (1): Definitions

Article (2): Purpose

Article (3): Committee Duties and Responsibilities

Article (4): Composition of Committee

Article (5): Chairman Duties and Responsibilities

Article (6): Vice-Chairman Duties and Responsibilities

Article (7): Members Duties and Responsibilities

Article (8): Secretary Duties and Responsibilities

Article (9): Administrating Meetings and Attendees

Article (10): Scheduling Meetings

Article (11): Agenda and Distribution of Documents

Article (12): Conflict of Interests

Article (13): Minutes of Meeting

Article (14): Quorum

Article (15): Making Decision and Recommendations, and Requesting Documents

Article (16): Announcing Decisions and Recommendations

Article (17): Following-up Execution of Decisions and Recommendations

Article (18): Reports

Article (19): Review of Regulations

Article (20): Enforcement


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