Oman – CMA – The Code of Corporate Governance – Public Listed Companies – December 2016


Corporate Governance

Oman – Capital Markets Authority

If you wish to better understand Oman’s Capital Markets Authority (CMA) Corporate Governance Frameworks, specifically The Code of Corporate Governance for Public Listed Companies – December 2016, then please access the following download.


Oman – Capital Markets Authority

Oman – Capital Markets Authority – The Code of Corporate Governance for Public Listed Companies – December 2016. Covering:

Objective of this Code

Scope of Application of the Code

First Principle: Purpose of Corporate Governance

Second Principle: Board of Directors’ Formation, Roles and Responsibilities

Third Principle: Board of Directors’ Authority and Competences

Fourth Principle: Chairperson

Fifth Principle: Company Secretary

Sixth Principle: Executive Management

Seventh Principle: Professional Conduct of Directors and Executives

Eighth Principle: Independent Director

Ninth Principle: Rules for Related Party Transactions

Tenth Principle: Audit Committee and Internal Controls

Eleventh Principle: Nomination and Remuneration Committee

Twelfth Principle: External Auditors

Thirteenth Principle: Corporate Social Responsibility

Fourteenth Principle: Annual Reports


Annexure No. (1): Minimum information that must be provided to the Board

Annexure No. (2): Standards of Professional Conduct

Annexure No. (3): Items to be covered in the report on Corporate Governance


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