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What we do

We focus on solving complex problems for Boards and Executive Leadership utilising our creative skills, methodologies and technologies.



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Why we do what we do

Everything we do at GRC Consulting, we believe in Challenging the Status Quo and Achieving Simplicity to directly benefit you.

We believe in thinking differently and working with you in Partnership to solve your greatest challenges for long term benefit.

The way we challenge the status quo is by making Tailor-made Solutions meet your Specific Requirements, and

delivering our Solutions to you in beautiful simplicity.

Simple to understand, Simple to implement and Simple to use.

We are Boardroom Leadership Governance, Risk and Compliance Experts.

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GRC Consulting

Your Specialist Partner

GRC Consulting is a dedicated Boardroom Leadership Governance, Risk and Compliance specialist practice that focuses on strengthening boardroom and leadership ethical and effective practices.

GRC Consulting works with shareholders, boards and senior executives of family businesses, regulators, state owned enterprises, publicly listed and private entities, to improve their board and leadership ethical and effective performance and organisational governance outcomes, in order to achieve:

  • Ethical culture.
  • Exceptional performance.
  • Effective control.
  • Legitimacy.

and therefore deliver sustainable value over the long term.

Our areas of skills, expertise and qualifications:

Governance and

Boardroom Challenges

The role of boards is becoming more complex and certainly more onerous, combined with increased individual director liability.

Being a board director is as much about active leadership as it is about personal accountability.

Board directors have to be dynamic and dedicated team members, under pressure to make strong positive differences to their boards and organisations.

Simultaneously, boards are facing increasing pressures in their endeavours to lead their organisations to sustainable successful futures. From macro-economic and geo-political issues to mounting local and international competition and increasingly complex regulatory requirements, chairman and their boards are required to up their game and perform at ever higher levels, to deliver real value and change, under ethical and effective leadership.

We believe that Governance makes sense for you

Why it matters - A few sensible business considerations:

Benefits and Outcomes

Why Corporate Governance Matters - the IFC:

Good corporate governance contributes to sustainable economic development by enhancing the performance of companies and increasing their access to outside capital.


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Much of the attention to corporate governance issues in emerging markets has focused on the role of governance in improving emerging-market companies’ access to global portfolio equity. An increasing volume of empirical evidence indicates that well-governed companies receive higher market valuations; however, improving corporate governance will also increase all other capital flows to companies in developing countries—from domestic and global capital, from equity and debt, and from public securities markets and private capital sources.

Equally important, good corporate governance leads to better performance. Improved governance structures and processes help ensure quality decision making, encourage effective succession planning for senior management, and enhance the long-term prosperity of companies, independent of the type of company and its sources of finance.

Corporate governance is a priority because it presents opportunities to manage risks and add value. Besides benefiting individual client companies, improved corporate governance also contributes more broadly to promote sustainable private sector investment in emerging markets, to identify and manage environmental and social risks and pursue environmental and social opportunities and outcomes in business activities, with a view to continually improving sustainable performance. The relationship, that a strong culture of corporate integrity and governance has with sustainable performance is important—and that a company’s management and board of directors play important roles in driving risk management and sustainable growth. This helps improve the financial, social, and environmental sustainability of investments and enhances the public trust in operations.

It is in the interest of all organisation’s to reduce the risk of investments by improving their governance. In the worst corporate governance environments, poor standards and weak enforcement continue to be barriers to investment. Improving corporate governance facilitates investment in higher-risk environments. It may also bring an increase in the market valuation of companies and attract more investors, which together increase the opportunities for all investors and organisations to improve their governance and to better communicate the quality of their governance to markets.

If organisations do not improve their corporate governance, then it increases not only investment risk but also reputational risk, through involvement with organisations with poor governance or, in the worst cases, corporate scandals. Reputational risk is particularly serious where stakeholders and equity investors stand to lose from governance abuses.

Improving corporate governance contributes to the development of the public and private capital markets. Poor standards of governance, particularly in the area of transparency and disclosure, have been a major factor contributing to instability in the financial markets across the globe. This was seen in the 2008 financial crisis, where corporate governance shortcomings, particularly in the area of control environment (internal audit, internal controls, risk governance, and compliance) interrupted economic growth.

“Good corporate governance is about ‘intellectual honesty’ and not just sticking to rules and regulations, capital flows towards companies that practiced this type of good governance.“ – Sir Mervyn King S.C. (Chairman: King Report)

“It is clear that good corporate governance makes good sense. The name of the game for a company in the 21st Century will be conform while it performs.“ – Sir Mervyn King S.C. (Chairman: King Report)

Working Together

Every client is different and we treat you as unique and special, focusing on your individual needs.

There is no “one size fits all solution”,  so we work very hard to understand your specific requirements to deliver and exceed your expectations.

GRC Consulting partners with its clients’ board and executive organisational leadership, to create and implement bespoke GRC solutions that benefit you.

Your interactions will only be through our most senior leaders.

Our Partners, who are practising Board Members, have decades of experience and appreciate the realities, issues and best practices of board-level and leadership activity.


Simple to understand, Simple to implement and Simple to use.

We are Boardroom Leadership Governance, Risk and Compliance Experts.

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Providing Services

As Corporate Governance Experts, we provide a directly relevant service offering that delivers a tailor-made, actionable Service for your Board, Executive Team, within the company to personnel or to facilitate engagement with external stakeholders.

Simple to understand, Simple to implement and Simple to use.

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For enquiries on this Service, as it is bespoke and tailored for each and every client given its nature, please contact us directly through the form provided on our “Contact” page.

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